The 2 Cent King

New Year, New Decisions and all that!

                                                                                                                                   Friday, December 23, 2005
How does it feel that one of your New year wishes come true even before its starts. Yes, it did for me. You are now reading the writings of a blogger who just got anointed with the celebrity status. Chiru did not keep his promises, but he did make up by making my family famous by featuring my dad(I think) and probably my bro(who was yawning big) in his latest movie "Jai Chiranjeeva". Well thats all I could figure in the One-Millionth of a second the camera focussed on them. Now my bro's wideopen mouth will be watched by millions of people all over the world. ahh! what a delight!

With the New Year upon us, I have decided ,as a resolution, to be more opinionated than ever (not that anyone cares). Why such a demented yet strong one you might ask. I know you would give a rat's ass to ask but trust me, you would be done reading this post real quick if you pretend you did. These days I am increasingly being put into pressure for not having an opinion. The typical conversation with my friends these days goes something like this

* What would you like to eat chines, desi, Italian ?
"Anything is fine" and finally end up reaching a buffet place where last traces of Paalak devoid of any Panneer stares at you.

* Which movie do you want to go Hindi or English
"Anything is fine" and dilly dallying a bit we are already late for the Hindi one.

* Which show do you want to go 8 or 10pm?
"If 8 I can sleep early, if 10 I can wake up late anyway its Saturday, so anything is fine". By the time we decide and buys tickets we get seats split in four corners of the theater Rangeela sshtyle!

and the worst is picking up a movie in blockbuster. So I usually try to make sure there is a girl in the gang where is a group outing or an activity. They usually are
quite sure what they want or atleast what they don't. But these days those girls are much in demand by their respective BF's and Hubbies taking care of their decision-making deficiencies.

I thought being flexible is best way to go and also comes in real handy in scoring chicks.* Naah! Not that chicken scoring which BTW I have a better and faster record* But it has been increasingly a cause of pain and torture to trouble my already badly overused-peanut-size brain.

Why can't the decisions, choices be as simple as

* Which girl is looks good among them?
Whoever gives me bhaav or at least a Paav! ( see! distinct difference between anything is fine)

* Do you want coffee?

* Which beer do you want me to get Miller,Bud?
Can I have both

* Do you want to send one or separate hate mails to Tushaar and Udai Chopra?

Well I have been taking it too easy these days( as easy as throwing up on Tushaar's picture if I mistakenly comes across one). Those days are long gone. The New Year will bring new, fresh, rude and opinionated gvenum. So don't be surprised
if you suddenly see a post on why I support Ozone depletion or Global warming. And as for expecting any sense of my choices and decisions there is always 2007. Right now its decision time. Yesh! " I am gvenum and I am opinionated" . There I said it.

*stares hard at frozen pasta and channa daal packets in both hands. urghh!!*

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