The 2 Cent King

Planes, Motels and Hippos

                                                                                                                                   Wednesday, July 21, 2004
First Class flight and Hippos are some key words in this blog and surprised, excited, bored, aghast, nonchalance are some of the moods that I went through.

Well I boarded this plane with a seat number as 1A and went walking straight in, expecting based on my wretched luck, my seat to be somewhere right in the middle of 300lbs mamoths but I kept walking in. In short moment of despair of not finding my seat, with a feeling my luck has touched a new base lower than that of all the film producers luck with Tushaar in their movies, I thought my seat was either taken away or boarded a wrong flight. But to my delight and surprise ,just like how Tushar hit gold with Ram Gopal Verma's movie Gayab, 1A turned out to be a first class seat. I had absolutely no interest to find out why I was sitting in a first class with a economy class ticket.

I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy with so much attention from the Cabin crew sometimes its unfair, I guess it takes some skill to enjoy getting attention too. But I am working real fast on it. Well carrying on, did a over-night stay at this motel and the only channels I could browse around are National Geographic Channel (NGC), Discovery, Food, Travel and one "blurred" channel which might get interesting as the evening passes by. Being a nature lover(when? Well at least for this blog) I got hooked on to Geographic and Discovery switching in between them and of course an occasional visit to the blurred channel.

Well there was these documentaries on Hippos on NGC and Desert Dragon(a half foot Lizard) on Discovery. Being cousins of elephants, whom I am a big fan of, I got stuck with Hippos rather than the creepy dragons. Do you know that the Hippos eat 80lbs of food and let 40lbs of pooh out in the same water bed they live in. Aghast by the visual facts on TV, I never switched back to NGC and desert dragons never looked so beautiful. Well I had it for the day practically killing whatever excitement I had for the blurred channel, before I could realize I was asleep.( don't ask me about my dreams that night).

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  • #by Blogger Salman, at July 21, 2004 4:48 PM


    Which airline did u fly :-) I don't mind the attention!


  • #by Blogger Jupe, at July 27, 2004 12:40 AM

    Blurred channels and desert dragons - u sure lead a very (s)exciting life ;-)

    Lage raho !

    ps: Am not gettin' into the relationship thingy - u know how i feel on that :-)


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