The 2 Cent King

Women are like H2O

                                                                                                                                   Sunday, July 11, 2004
Last Sunday I was watching the movie "Blue Sky" starring My fav,Tommy Lee Jones,Jessica Lange. (She won an Oscar as Best Actress for her performance). In one of the scenes, Tommy while talking to his daughters defends his wife's unruly behavior,

"Women are like H2O.
It is water,
It is Ice ,
It is vapor,
It is Steam,
Whatever form it takes, its finally H2O, its just showing its properties. You don't do away with H2O, would you?"

Nice funda......
Try my friend's take on Men who also happens to hate Eggplants.

"Men are like Egg Plant
You fry them,
You boil them,
You cook them,
You make chutney out of them,
They still taste the same, awful. The only bright spot is they come in different shapes and sizes but tasteless.

Now I know , why we have so many comparisons about Women starting from mythologies till now and none for men.

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