The 2 Cent King

Fast, Right and Cheap

                                                                                                                                   Friday, June 18, 2004
The other day I stumbled into my manager (fortunately no one was hurt and unfortunately my manager is a "He" ..tsk tsk..) and while chatting with him he proudly talked about his idea of staffing people. He elaborated that there are three aspects Fast, Right and Cheap that one need's to take account. These three factors are such that a combination of any two of those mentioned earlier will make the third one impossible. All three cannot exist in the same person.

To Illustrate more,

1) If you need to be Fast and want it to be Right too then it will not be Cheap.
2) If you are looking for it to be done Fast and keep it Cheap, then
it will not come out Right.
3) If you want to be Right and Cheap at the same time, it cannot be Fast.

His comments made me wonder where I belong. Once I stopped wondering I moved to a new group where I don't belong to neither of 2 or 3. :) So where do you belong!!!!!!

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