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Reflex action vs Subconsciousness

                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, March 29, 2005
I had this discussion with my cousins the other day about Subconsciousness and Reflex Action. You might have noticed that sometimes when you get in your car you put on the seat belt subconsciously. On contrary giving an example for reflex reaction can be quite easy, trying to duck in defense while something is thrown at you, can be one example.

But the topic of the discussion we had is not about what they are or how do you define them. But the debating question we had was out of these two actions either reflex or subconscious which one of them access your brain while performing any of these actions. One of the arguments was that Reflex action could be a routine, the brain stores somewhere that gets activated or called when it its needed fast and not necessarily makes a fresh access of the active brain and hence does not literally keeps your brain engaged.

Can the same thing be said of subconscious. Does brain gets involved during subconscious actions. It differs from reflex action that while subconscious actions do not have the same priority as the R.A but still could be accessing a routine that doesn't need live access to the brain. What's your take on it.

Now you show your reflex actions or subconscious mind by writing a comment on this post straight away and tell me if you have used your brain.
And remember not to use your brain too much as better sense might prevail and show a different reflex action of running away from this post.

More over using too much brain hurts ….eeeewwww….*holding my forehead with my palms in pain*...see it hurts already writing a ,what one of my friends door ka acquaintance would say, "Cerebral" post for a change.

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  • #by Blogger iii, at March 30, 2005 12:04 AM

    hmm :) From whatever little physiology that I still remember..
    Reflex action as a rule do not involve the brain, they are taken care of at your spinal cord.... {although some input could still intervene and modulate the reflex action...}.
    This is so because when you touch say fire/sharp objects, etc., you need to react immediately, hence its carried out at the spinal level.

    Whereas sub conciousness actually resides in the brain. Its kinda like keeps running in the background..and your conscious thoughts over ride it. So when your conscious thoughts are elsewhere, the subconciousness comes to surface.

    Thats my 2 cents on it ;-)


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at March 30, 2005 12:13 AM

    (iii) aaa haaa... first bukra..who cared for my post.

    Cool info. Does this mean that even fluttering the eye lashes(a reflex action) to keep off the dust spec from a wind falling into ur eye or even closing ur eyes is taken care by spinal cord?

    Answer Vikram or else your blog will explode in 1000 pieces.
    * Vikram aur bethal shtyle*


  • #by Blogger ..:: J ::.., at March 30, 2005 3:06 PM

    ok i have 2 exams tommorow and having read that post i dont know how im gonna do on those anymore.. brainfreeze.. now tell me is that reflex or subconcious? or did you conciously plan to do that to all the people who read this post anyway.. :D


  • #by Blogger Akruti, at March 31, 2005 8:57 AM

    seriously after reading this i feel both "subconciousness and reflex action" has a negative reaction on me.Action was reading ur blog,reaction was numb feeling,bhaaaaa,what am i saying,"scratches head and walks off in the direction of a coffee machine"


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at March 31, 2005 3:02 PM

    (iii) Looks like iii had enough of V-B games.

    (J) Brain freeze...numb..wow..I didn't know my blog has this effect on people. I take that as a compliment. You see I have a very positive approach towards life.:). I won't ask you how you did in your exams.

    (Neelima)...*seeing you shaking your head and walking towards me close to the coffee machine where I am sipping my black coffe*

    "If you have this kind of effect on you...what about me...I wrote it.." *shaking my head in disgust*:)


  • #by Blogger ..:: J ::.., at April 01, 2005 9:41 AM

    well if you would have been up the last 2 nights studying assembly code and American Constitution, you would go numb reading a comic strip!!

    its a lethal combination for brainfreeze..

    (not to undermine the effect of your post in anyway..;)


  • #by Blogger Paddy, at April 01, 2005 4:52 PM

    It reminded me of Pavlov and his experiments.I guess you already know the telugu equivalent for a reflex as "Asankalpita Prateekara Charya" which lays out bare the nature of reflex.


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