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Middle Finger and Hypocrisies!

                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Few months back I had the indignity of being told by one of my colleagues that I could offend people for using the middle finger while pointing stuff. It just happened I was showing this guy something on the computer screen with a pointed middle finger(not all fingers were folded inwards) though unintentionally, as I was completely unaware of what I was doing till he pointed out. Then I started noticing that I compulsively use the same M finger for lot of other stuff like pressing the elevator button or setting the microwave timings or operating any touch screen and many others.

Okie here's my rant, I am quite livid with people here in USA taking offense for it , specially keeping in mind their continuous stress on promoting the easiest possible options in every possible walk of daily life. There is perfectly valid explanation for my rant. If you notice that your middle finger is longest of all the fingers and the first one to reach/point out to any object if you open your palm thus making it practically illogical to use index finger for all the functions mentioned above. Moreover if you notice you have to do more work of folding your other fingers and reaching out more while you use the Index finger which goes against the very "fabric" this nation is built on, the fabric that couch potatoes warm up to in every household:)

Its upto you to interpret the above as a valid point or its just the way I show or tell myself about my subconsious grudge for this monotonous life in general or its just I still continue being a Lukha(a word stole from Megha's blog) from the time of my previous posts.

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  • #by Blogger U totally Rock Dude !, at April 05, 2005 4:08 PM

    yeah right !!! next time i ll show u the M finger and come up with an explanation for it :-D ... hahah. am doing that right now !


  • #by Blogger U totally Rock Dude !, at April 05, 2005 4:14 PM

    well ... on another note ... (am typing with my M finger) .. a very "positive" outlook ... a fresh argument as to why u can show M finger ... hahaha ! keep it up !


  • #by Blogger U totally Rock Dude !, at April 05, 2005 4:35 PM

    baaaaabuu ... now i have a completely new perspective for "Dial M for Murder" ... hahahha ! thanks to u !


  • #by Blogger J, at April 06, 2005 12:41 AM

    Somebody does like u a lot :-p


  • #by Blogger Manjusha, at April 06, 2005 11:41 AM

    Cultural connotations vs practicality. I guess sometimes the connotations take precedence. I am sure we can trace various examples in almost every culture...including our own! ;)


  • #by Anonymous Salman, at April 06, 2005 12:03 PM

    Well I guess...its just a case of how we, in general, percieve things [sorry ..back to the basics]..We [read "The complete seedha saadha species"] humans tend to associate things very quickly and then the other quality in us, i.e being rigid, does NOT really allow us to see out of the associations we have made in our minds easily.

    Din't mean to be that vague and dry..But hey....my "2 cents" :-)


  • #by Blogger Sarah, at April 06, 2005 3:17 PM

    Well this comes back to our discussion about society and conformance to the rules I guess. I never know where to draw the line between what is acceptable and what is just not!!! I get into trouble with violating these rules all the time so I can understand why you are so livid with the Americans, at the same time I don't know if it's ok to be !! :) Gosh I am confused now .. I need caffeine, the panacea for all my problems!!!


  • #by Blogger Megha, at April 06, 2005 11:11 PM

    "Moreover if you notice you have to do more work of folding your other fingers .. while you use the Index finger .."

    I tried it, and I have to disagree with you. Folding the rest of the fingers is the easiest when you have to point the index finger. Its definitely more work trying to point any of the other fingers, be it the middle, the ring or the little pinky. Completely worthless information, but then that has always been my USP :)

    *singing M bole to, bole to, bole to .. M bole to master mein master .. and fading into the background*


  • #by Blogger Primalsoup, at April 07, 2005 12:16 PM

    First the feet and now the finger?! Hmmm, what's going on?! And do try to use the Index finger whenever possible, save middle finger for the opportune moments:)


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at April 07, 2005 9:56 PM

    (u totally rock dude)
    >>am typing with my M finger) .. a very "positive" outlook ...

    This post was to show that using M finger could save effort and energy not kill your self typing with just that finger. Why do my posts have negative effect on people..*tsk tsk*

    (j) I see that is not you. naah....
    its just sugar coated sarcasm.

    I am glad you believe in that
    otherwise you wouldn't even comment on my blog:)

    Its defintely worth more than 2 cents...otherwise I wouldn't spend time worth an hour of my paid salary understanding the true meaning of it.

    Leave the 2 cent worth crap to me.

    Nah ... I personally think its my lukhagiri than anything else that prompted this post.

    (Megha) I agree with you this while pointing. I guess I didnot put it right....I meant when you touch anything like elevator buttons, microwave..etc...Do you find using index finger much easier in these activities as well....? otherwise I am the odd man out..

    I also noticed that some pujari's in hindhu temples use the middle finger to put the tilak or bhottu on your forhead. I dont know if its for the reason though.
    >>*singing M bole to, bole to, bole to .


    singing ek chatur naari badi hoshiyaar....meri post deficiencies mai gusthajaathu....mai marathu jaathu...arey ree..:)

    (Primal soup)
    Every moment is opportune here...may be thats why I use it so much....anyway thanks for the advise..:)


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