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New and Happy Beginnings!

                                                                                                                                   Friday, April 08, 2005

Ugadi Shubhakankshalu, Happy Gudipadava to everyone. I wish the New Year brings new and fresh beginnings, multifold happiness, health and prosperity in your lives.

This mango tree is from the backyard of my house in Vijayawada where I had spent some of the best years of my childhood. I happened to visit this place after a gap of 10 years in my last India trip in Dec'04 , even though we own the place, we don't live there anymore.

This tree holds fantastic memories. I remember climbing up on the branches and picking up mangoes , using the leaves as thoranam's(decoratives on the doors) and playing under it.I can never forget those sweet memories, the sleep-overs on the roof tops listening to "chaya geet" , and the gentle winds and of course the summers are the best back home. I miss them so much , but I am so glad and fortunate that I have those memories for life to cherish. This tree still gives around 3000 mangoes every summer and also the source for the pickles made in every household of that street.

Anyway that takes up the year quota of senti stuff I can come up with.To each one of you who read and put up with my blog and write comments and those who accidentally ends up here even though for a second before running away,I would like to take this opportunity and say THREE heartfelt words..."Thank you":) (Source is a fellow Texan and also happens to be the current President of USA)

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  • #by Blogger Paddy, at April 08, 2005 10:08 PM

    Ugadi Shubhakankshalu to you too.

    >I wish the New Year brings new and >fresh beginnings, multifold >happiness, health and prosperity in >your lives.

    Nice Wish.Panchanga Sravanam tells me otherwise though.


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at April 08, 2005 10:49 PM

    (Paddy)This is coming from a guy who just got a new high paying job and moved to mother of all places calif and a lady-fan following in his blog...some people na...Panchanga Sravanam is written by someone who has no clue about his own future. Ab woh kya aap ka likhe gaa.:)

    Thanks for the wishes..:) You will have a wonderful year. Thadhasthu!!


  • #by Blogger 'Thought & Humor', at April 08, 2005 10:54 PM

    Thought I would stop in to say, "Hi"!!!
    'Thought & Humor'


  • #by Blogger Akruti, at April 09, 2005 3:26 AM

    UGADI SHUBAKANKSHALU:))) with lotd of good wishes for u,wish this new brings in new smiles and happiness and joy in ur life.
    Mamidi chettu katha bagundi,maa intlo kooda undi hydlo:)) ninna memu oka 200 kayalu kosi andariki panchamu.
    memories and that too of childhood brings such a joy and smile to lifes:)
    U r welcome:)) havefun


  • #by Blogger Primalsoup, at April 09, 2005 8:39 AM

    Happy New Year. May this year be 'the' year (for whatever is 'the' for you!) :)


  • #by Blogger J, at April 11, 2005 2:02 AM

    Oh man, u must really miss that tree so much :-p

    Oh Ugadi Shubhakankshalu!!! (jus learnt a new phrase... am gonna try n use it wherever i can now)


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at April 11, 2005 11:38 AM

    (Thought & Humor)
    Howdy back at you. Nice blog you got, will be back soon. Thanks for dropping by.
    (Neelima) Good to know you have similar expriences. But my tree beats yours:)
    Thank you. I better not reveal what "the" is for me to the president of Singleton Club.

    I miss the mangoes more than the tree.:) I guess you have to wait one more year to use it(Ugadi), though the second part can be used anytime.


  • #by Blogger Sangeeta, at April 14, 2005 7:36 AM

    Happy new Year to u tooo:)


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