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                                                                                                                                   Friday, May 13, 2005
Its not an auspicious day(Friday 13th) to be blogging again but then I did choose a good one last time around and you all know how it went.*That's a nice strategy to get few compliments or a "no no!! Your blog is good"*. Anyway coming to the point of the topic, yes there is always a point in my posts.*did I tell Friday 13th could cause hallucinations on some*.
There I was driving to work very ealry on a beautiful Friday morning.*all Fridays are good and eager to feast on the Friday B'fast omelet special in my cafeteria..and yes that's my motivation* I was listening to ESPN's sport show "Mike and Mike" on radio and the both the hosts were arguing about who the most popular,well known sports figure on the face of the earth.

Here's the list of five they were debating on.

1) Shaquille O'neal or Shaq (Basketball)
2) Tiger Woods (Golf)
3) Michael Schumacher (Formula-1)
4) Lance Armstrong (Cycling)
5) Beckham (Football/Soccer for uninitiated Americans)

One of the criteria was, if each one of the above guys are to be walking down the street anywhere in the world who would be recognized first by the people(includes sports enthusiasts and clan of "don't give a damm about sports" also including beautiful women folk.*I believe all women are beautiful...Its the Friday magic*

One Mike picked Shaq (for his size and familiarity in USA..I guess he needs to know there are countries outside USA) and the other Mike picked Schumaker.(though he ain't popular figure in USA).

Since the readers of my blog could be anywhere in the world *more hallucinations I tell ya* I am wondering what's your first 2 picks are. I would request everyone reading this post would post their opinion even if you like sports or not.

and Yeah I am BACK and now you can get your whips ready.

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  • #by Blogger Parth, at May 13, 2005 5:26 PM

    There is not a single one of these who would be recognized anywhere in the world. We overestimate the reach of sports. I don't think you will see basketball or F1 fans in the recesses of Africa or the villages of China.

    However, if I have to pick someone who would be recognized more than the others, it would be Beckham. Logic being that soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. Even though he isn't Pele, he is reasonably well know because of myriad reasons. Actually, people might know Yao Ming more than Shaq. Wouldn't they? :-)


  • #by Anonymous Anonymous, at May 13, 2005 8:43 PM

    This is an interesting one. Actually, only one of the four plays a sport
    which is known all over the world, probably lesser in US, and that is
    Beckham. He may get by in many US cities without recognition. In fact
    more than 75% Americans have not heard of him. Even if people have heard
    of him, they may not recognise him ..and that is in India as well.
    Shaq is very popular but may not be known everywhere else.
    Certainly not Armstrong who can cycle across Texas without anyone
    recognising him.
    Woods is a strong contender but again, golf is still a game followed
    mostly by white-collared people.
    Schumacher has won the prestigious world sports person award twice but
    still by his own admission not known in US to everyone, let alone

    If hard pressed to pick from this list, I'll go reluctantly for Woods.

    Else my clear choice is Andre Aggasi.



  • #by Anonymous Anonymous, at May 13, 2005 8:45 PM

    I would go for Beckham, maybe Woods or schumi next. Of
    all these sports soccer in true sense is a world
    famouss sports followed by millions of fans in Six
    continents. USA on this earth is another world.


  • #by Anonymous Anonymous, at May 13, 2005 8:47 PM

    I agree with Tafosi in totality. to me, Beckham at no 1 was easy one. rest of the order is difficult to decide.



  • #by Blogger J, at May 16, 2005 6:26 AM

    Woohooooooo! :)


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at May 18, 2005 3:14 PM

    (parth) I agree with you. One of my friend even suggested that he would
    provide "none" and "none" as his picks. I agree with Beckham, but I wonder people in USA and some countries like India and China and some african countries the popularity of Tiger and Becham. They got to be
    very close competition.

    Yao got huge popularity in China but no where else. But people who follow basketball allover the world have known Shaq from years.
    But that's a different discussion in itself. Thanks for the comments.

    (tafosi) Glad to see you picked Tiger too. Glad to know that you get to know the outside world, considering the remote country side you live in.:)

    (anon)Yup tiger and Becham...IMO are the popular 2 in the world

    (Sunny) You agree with Tafosi and you choose Becham?...throw some sun on the mystery sunny boy.

    (j) wooohooooo! back @ u missy!!:)
    *I didnot understand what the escastic comment was in reference too though:)..but dont mind it*


  • #by Blogger Tartrazina, at May 23, 2005 5:30 AM

    I think Beckham would win hands down... he's so hot, that all the women that didn't know who he was would take the effort to find out for sure! ;) ..so thats pretty much half the world already, yeah?!


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