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Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome - 10

                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, September 12, 2006
I feel desis have a weird way of showing empathy. So weird it doesnot even make sense sometimes. So I bump into a friend and tell him my problems like "Hey! You know my Green card process is stuck and its going nowhere ". He/she would reply "You should be happy. Mine hasn't started yet!". or when I say " I have been stressed out lately working late till 7". Phat comes the reply "Big deal! We have been working past 10 for the past year. You shouldn't be worried".

Huh! How does my buddy's misery make me happy! It will make me worse that my good friend is going through such stress. Or does he think I am such an evil person who takes pleasure from his friend's pathetic situation. If I am sad, I would like to see at least my friend happy so I can feed off from him/her. Okie, you might think that sharing own happiness, when you find your friend sad, might come across as rude , then say nothing. But why assume such a low opinion of your friend. Weird I say!

BTW, I am out of Coffee powder at home for the past 2 days and the coffee at work is yuk! I want my Bruuuu!

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  • #by Blogger veetraag, at September 14, 2006 3:18 AM

    I know it feels that way some times. How about looking at it the other way? your friend is telling you there are more miserable people than you, so you should be happy with what you have.It is the great indian philosophical way of looking at life :D


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at September 14, 2006 9:33 PM


    veetraag! New name but old wine:)

    So do you mean I should take comfort from what I have and what they dont have. If any , I need to share what ever I have with those miserables and not feel happy. What I meant is one's comfort shouldn't be relative with others and don't get me started on the great Indian P way!


  • #by Blogger veetraag, at September 16, 2006 1:55 AM

    The last thing I will ask you is to share. Don't take comfort in other people's misery, Just get a different perspective. The very last thing on my mind was sharing. I never share. So you shouldn't either:D
    What do you mean new name old wine. The name and the wine are both old....don't you know the older the vintage the pricier the wine:D


  • #by Blogger Ratna, at September 26, 2006 1:23 AM

    We are overstocked with bru ;) (to make you feel happy)


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at September 26, 2006 11:59 AM

    Too many ee's and aa's. Do you eat vowels for lunch?
    The best perspective I do is "either care or don't care at all". No intermediate business.
    So does this mean you are serving wine along with your dishes.! yummy!


    Awww! See that's the spirit I was talking about. I feel so happy! BTW,
    friends share happiness!:)

    * why did I have Ratna as my friend, tshah! I missed out on feeling miserable*


  • #by Blogger Perspective Inc., at September 27, 2006 1:53 AM

    I feel your (coffee) pain!!


  • #by Blogger veetraag, at September 27, 2006 10:41 AM

    Man, you can't take a hint, can you?
    I prepare the dish, you bring the wine:D
    P.S. what's with the aa's and ee's?


  • #by Blogger veetraag, at October 05, 2006 7:26 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  • #by Blogger veetraag, at October 05, 2006 7:28 AM

    Surely not BRU . Why ,oh why? When there are things avilable like the french press, columbian / jamaican coffee. All you could ask for is Bru? What kind of a coffee drinker are you :D
    No pure-blooded coffee drinker would ever touch bru or nescafe.Oh, the horror, the horror!


  • #by Blogger gvenum, at October 09, 2006 10:01 PM

    (Perspective Inc)
    Thankew very mujh! you feeling my pain has put all things in perspective:)
    Welcome to my blog! and please dont go:)

    The e's and a's are the ovals in your

    >>No pure-blooded coffee drinker would ever touch bru or nescafe

    My blood has 95% cafffine so cannot be pure in any means. I guess I can touch Bru then:)


  • #by Blogger veetraag, at October 10, 2006 3:01 PM

    By it's very def, a pure-blooded coffee drinker has 100% coffee running in his veins instead of blood. So why dilute it with Bru when the real thing gives such a high:D
    And don't say a word about decaf coffee. That's like calling a paper cut Hara-kiri.


  • #by Anonymous Krina, at March 28, 2011 1:46 PM

    Caffeine, syndrome? I never heard of that! But I will sure start to drink coffee, after reading this.


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