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New Age Ramayan!

                                                                                                                                   Wednesday, October 18, 2006
For it may be the most popular mythological story, but I have to say Ramayan is the most abused of the lot. The other day there was this Diwali mela in the Cowboys stadium and the organizers had played Ramleela with actors playing the Ramayan characters. While Ram, Laxman and Seetha were in a corner offering autographs to the kids that occasionally passed by, the ten-headed Ravana on the other hand is swamped by at least 50 kids and elders begging for autographs and pictures. Needless to say we had a pretty good snap with the monster. The Ramayan effect lingered on with my nephews (A and N), as they had their own version to tell, perhaps the most disturbing one at that. Read this, SIL is Kausalya , A and N are Raam and Laxman and my bro is Seetha. Yesh! you read it right. The only seetha with a moustache! eeew! Double eeew!

A: SeethaDevi , SeethaDevi I will save you!
N: SeethaDevi , SeethaDevi I will save you! (being the younger he repeats what ever A has to say)

They get SeethaDevi (urf Bro) to the kitchen.

A: SeethaDevi you stay here . I will go and fight more demons!
SeethaDevi/Bro: Okie! Till you come back I will finish the dishes Raama! (smart move I have to say)
A: Okie! (Picks his bow which is a fly squatter and N picks a broom and move on to fight the demons in the living room)

After a while they rush back to the kitchen.

A: SeethaDevi, you come with us, we will fight Ravana together. Where is your bow?
Bro: SeethaDevi doesn't fight. She does not use bow and arrows. She is a girl.
A: SeethaDevi , you drink lot of choclate milk and get stronger and then you can fight with Bow and arrows. I will help you.

Meanwhile Kousalya warms the couch switching between Food and Home network channels. Oh well! you know Kousalya!, her job is done before the story even gets going. The best role she ever enjoyed so far.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, at the end of the Diwali fest, we caught Seetha, Ravana and Hanuman walking next to each other laughing away to glory, while Ram and Laxman were seen sitting quiet in a corner with their bows and arrows thrown away on the floor. Yesh! Kaliyug this is and quite a ghor one too!

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