The 2 Cent King

I want to be a Mouse!

                                                                                                                                   Thursday, January 19, 2006
If given a choice for my next life, I would like to be a mouse. Yes , a big fat white lab mouse. No not the richest guy or the most sexiest man or a Da Vince or a RD Burman and definitely not Tusshar Kapoor. I haven't given a thought if I want to be a woman. Don't ask me why. This is one of the pictures of a mouse that is being drugged for testing a fancy implant-blood sugar measuring tool in one my friend's research lab in my New year's New England trip. The size of these reminds one of a rabbit than mice. In fact I call the species a Rabb-ice! (Rabbit+Mice and many apologies to all the Rabbis). The way they are treated in the lab will make even the Sultan of Brunei jealous. They have far more rights that any one else. My friend tells me that if even a slightest burp or fart than required from these rabbice would send the department and even more the students in a tizzy imagining the impending law suits and funding withdrawals.

Have a look at their daily life,

1) They are fed more number of times than a sumo wrestler.
2) They are cute, puffy and chicks dig them and ofcourse all the belly rubs that follow.
3) They are white, so no problem of discrimination and enjoy the aura of being a superior race among mice.
4) And above all the single most privilage is that they are doped every single day for FREE. Now, Dope for free! Where in the world would you get that.

After all they are the most intelligent of all living beings including humans (Thanks to Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy).
Yes, Rabbice rule!.

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Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome - 8 * New Year Special *

                                                                                                                                   Friday, January 06, 2006
I strongly believe that most of the desis lifestyle,opinions and decisions are relative to the next desi's. If you notice, the frustration coming from a fellow desi's success/happiness is much more obvious and disturbing for him/her than from his/her own miseries in life. So next time you meet a fellow desi, give him the saddest personal stories possible (if you don't have one, make one) that you only get in-return all the good wishes from them which will eventually make you one happy and lucky bastard around. Oh yeah! A Very Happy New Year to y'all!.

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