The 2 Cent King

Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome - 10

                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, September 12, 2006
I feel desis have a weird way of showing empathy. So weird it doesnot even make sense sometimes. So I bump into a friend and tell him my problems like "Hey! You know my Green card process is stuck and its going nowhere ". He/she would reply "You should be happy. Mine hasn't started yet!". or when I say " I have been stressed out lately working late till 7". Phat comes the reply "Big deal! We have been working past 10 for the past year. You shouldn't be worried".

Huh! How does my buddy's misery make me happy! It will make me worse that my good friend is going through such stress. Or does he think I am such an evil person who takes pleasure from his friend's pathetic situation. If I am sad, I would like to see at least my friend happy so I can feed off from him/her. Okie, you might think that sharing own happiness, when you find your friend sad, might come across as rude , then say nothing. But why assume such a low opinion of your friend. Weird I say!

BTW, I am out of Coffee powder at home for the past 2 days and the coffee at work is yuk! I want my Bruuuu!

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