The 2 Cent King


                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Its official.I have been "de-generationized"(a home-cooked word I came up with if you come across a younger generation with a "gap"). Nah not that kapadewala Gap, the "generation gap". The experience has been painful for many reasons, the obvious being a feeling of not getting any younger( skillfully avoided mentioning the dreaded 3-letter word *pat pat*), making phrases(read excuses)like "these kids have everything in a silver platter". Did I say "these kids". *sigh*.
So here goes the story. The other day me and a friend of mine gave my cosusin's son,hardly 8 years old,a car ride from the airport and we started "talking". Keeping in view he is just a 3rd grader , we wanted to keep the conversation simple. I am only providing snipets of it keeping in mind the fragile ego's reading this post.

Friend: Who's your favorite hero
Kid: Shahrukh Khan.

Friend: Where were you when Tsunami happened.
Kid: Home.

I interrupted
Me: Do you know what Tsunami is.

Kid: Tsunami is formed when earth plates below the sea has a displacement due to a earth quake and the resulting pressure pushes the water....

Me (interrupting him,from obvious abashment ): What did you say you fav hero was ?

Kid: Did you know that humans use only 10-15% of their brain
Me: huh?

Friend (who tried to be a smart ass): I use 20%
Kid: No way. Humans can only use up to 16% of their brain else they become psychos.

Me and my friend were beyond speechless. Noticing this,he tried to interrupt our silence.

Kid: Ask me something in Algebra.

Me(Not willing to accept his smartness): Okie. What's 4+4
Kid: Heeeey. Are you guys making fun of me. That's not Algebra.

and he carried on how one should care and encourage a loosing team in any sport than the winning, showing his sensitiveness.
That's when we realized what struck us. We have been "de-generationized". This is not the first time I have heard about American born Indian Kids having exceptional memories and with remarkable prudence, but this is the first time I have come across one of such kind. I have my friend telling me how her sister's daughter is sharp, brainy and many stories from others, makes me wonder if the combination of Indian genes and the American habitat (especially the graded nourishing food, water) has anything to do with it. So are we seeing the beginning of a new superior race,a smart and compassonate. Hmmm…hey just my 2 cents.
As far as me going DG(read as de-generationized), I guess a marathon of some pointless and senseless bollywood movies over the weekend should fix it.

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My India Series - 2

                                                                                                                                   Sunday, January 16, 2005

I had a quite a story connoted with this picture (super imposed in couple of places to make it reader friendly. On my dental appointment in my last month's Indian trip,I found this board he put up in front of his clinic to be quite an irony and funny too and thought as a good blog material. Someone watched me taking this snap and enquired my intention. I was quite sure he was pleased with my explanation. Next day morning I get this phone call from the Doctor, who is a good friend of our family, enquiring if I was the one who clicked. I came to know that the place, which also hosts a bunch of other Doctor clinics, was in total panic with rumors that the press is doing some investigative journalism(one TV-9 TV network name was used) and they had this evidence of me taking pictures. Luckily the misunderstandings on my intetions were dispelled and the doctor was quite pleased with my admiration of his humor.

Coming back to the picture ,glad the Doctor made sure he has a sense of humor to cover his inattention to detail:)(check the spellings in the picture). Fortunately, he didn't show this in his treatment of my teeth:).

BTW, why was there a panic in the complex..Fishy:-).

PS: Embrace yourself for more photo blog features(it started of with my previous blog) from me for a while.Thanks to my new Canon-A85, I have quite number of stories to share.

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Sankranti Subhakankshalu

                                                                                                                                   Friday, January 14, 2005

Happy Sankranti to everyone. Coming back from a memorable trip back home after nearly 6 years, I can easily see what I have been missing all these years, The festivals. What better place to celebrate the festivals than your own blog.This picture was taken from one of the streets of good old Vijayawada which holds all my childhood memories.

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