The 2 Cent King

Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome - 9

                                                                                                                                   Thursday, April 27, 2006
We all know how much women hate to be judged, they have walked away from marriages, relationships, called all men pigs and what not because they have been judged or guys have been "Judgemental" in dealing with them. Suprise! Suprise! All this judginggiri does not even come in their way at all when it comes to dating Judges (of court) or lawyers even though they live, prosper and get ultimate reverence, admiration by judging other people. You often hear some women coyly say " I am engaged to a Judge you know!. He is the most respected man one can get. He has such cool style while judging others. I am so happy". What hypocrisy!

*grudgingly sips coffee from the mug and ponders "hmm! did I take my dose of antibiotics for sore throat today"*

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Aye karamba!

                                                                                                                                   Friday, April 14, 2006
Hey Hey! I am back. I thought I would pull a dissapearing act on you people. But then realized that you won't would give a damm. So promptly got back in action. Not that you would care for that either. How do I get into this kind of situations. Shuks! Yanyway! I thought I would write a post wishing you all a Happy Ugadi, so by the time I decided to post it turned out to be Tamil/Mallu new year. Happy new year to all of you folks!

I also missed celebrating my second year anniversary in february. Yay! My blog is 2 rather 2.15 years old . Two years have gone by and still nothing worthwhile on this blog. I will be really suprised if I have the same readers till now. If they do , I am really thankful for putting up with my writing all this while.

Alrite people! Before I vanish again into oblivion, I want to live up to my reputation of dishing out crap. Here's a picture I got from a friend (no originality there as well) that would make all the fairer sex feel great and un-fair gents get the nervous blushes.

"Edge Designs is a company run by all women - they design office interiors. They recently had an opportunity to do a project in NYC where the client offered the women of this company a "free hand" in all design aspects. The client was also a company that was run by all female execs! Here's the result when they tried their hand in designing Men's rest room"

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