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Me and "The Twins" - A Toast!

                                                                                                                                   Monday, February 28, 2005
I went for a ride on this cloudy morning, weather little nippy (okie I am no Northie but like to use the word..it got a nice ruse to it) made a nice feeling of a snow less north-east in otherwise sun soaked Dallas. Honestly it ain't that bad but its just these few tornadoes, few months of scorching sun , few.... …err...well anyway, its not really about Dallas this post is about. There I was, with a donut in one hand(its Sunday..I give my inside "food-gollum" a free hand) and coffee in the other, looking at a empty cricket ground (cricket! ..Dallas!…it’s a post for another day) soaked by the heavy rain yesterday dashing all hopes of a practice session.(there goes my once a week cardio session.)

If you thinking I am going anywhere with this, yes I intend to, just have little bit patience( "Patience!!! Look who is talking!!"…*me strangles the sarcastic-gollum for a sec*). Not wanting to waste this excellent opportunity to boast about the weather I call this close friend of mine in Connecticut(a snow-filled multi-colored-cow infested North-East country state) only to hear his voice mail. Expectedly and not for the first time I see this happen, I hung up the phone with a unsuspecting remark by me " man..these Geminis"....that took me by surprise once I finished saying it. It started me thinking and it came all together.....(the sugar on the donut started kicking in..while the cholesterol has already made its merry).

What's with me ( a ephemeral saggi...eeeks .did I say that..I meant ethereal *nice recovery says smeagol-me*) and Geminis? It didn't take me much time to realize that I surround my self with so many of these ultra-talented, kind, affectionate and yet at the same time complex and elusive Gemini's..(wait!.. didn't I have this realization before...hmm...saggi's and their memories..huh!.."ethereal" does sound little suspect already). Leave me with a group of people of different sunsigns ,after few hours I would be with bunch of people either laughing or arguing who invariantly turn out to be Gemini's.

But seriously my bro is one, my very good pals(including the above), my SIL and the list goes on. Anyone can have Gemini friends/families there is nothing new to it. After all they are the most friendly and easy to get along people you ever know. I do have lots of great friends who ain't Gemini's and even closer. But for me , Gemini's are not just "any" friends. None of my friends/families(not even my parents) has ever made a profound impact than Gemini's in my life so far. Their words and actions and their personalities has always had its effect in my actions and sometimes in my decision making. The aura of mystery that surrounds them intrigues me, their often passionate and sometimes opiniated take on topics draws me towards them and of course their sense of humor is unique, may not be the best around, but works just fine for me.

Though they are one of the most indecisive and appears to carry a dual personality (courtesy one Linda Goodman and some personal experiences), they eventually end up making some right choices.(keeping me as a buddy is one!!..*smirks the gollum as I tighten my grip along its throat*) I have to say the association with these Gemini's gave me some of my finest, happiest moments in my life as well some of the most frustrating and hurtful moments too. But in never deterred me anyway to like them, as both of us seemed to agree that we have too much to loose than gain..else life will be a like a spiceless daloo aum...I mean aloo dum...(*gollum-me shakes head in disgust*)

*Raising my glass of low fat-buttermilk with a tinge of salt & lime.(too much of spicy dum aloo can have its day on your system)* So here's a toast to all Gemini's in my life and in general. *gollum-me for the first time seems to agree*

Didn't I tell you I had something meaningful when I started. BTW, anyone commenting, hope you don't mind leaving your sun-sign……....phone numbers, credit card numbers….*me chokes while evil-gollum takes over me*.

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Valentine "Bliss"!

                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Moi and my no-good bro(who had a wonderful baby boy few months back) got to chatting after a week.

Moi: sup!
Bro: Nothing much..just baby poops and diapers..and yeah *thinks* that's it.

Moi: Howz Gayatri(my SIL)
Bro: As usual ..pissed.

Moi: What did you do
Bro: Nothing.

Moi: Lemme rephrase ..what didn't you do.
Bro: *sheepishly* I didnot do anything on Valentine's day.

Moi: Fair enough.
Bro: *delightfully* Thank you. You are the first one who really was on my side who agrees the Siva sena policy of disapproval of the V.day.

Moi: Nope. The "fair enough" was meant for Gayatri's being pissed with you.
Bro: Traitor!

Moi: So its been a while I have been to your place and seen the kiddo, how about sending an air ticket.

Bro bang shuts the yahoo door "discriminately" and logs off.

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My Bloggie's First Happy Birthday!

                                                                                                                                   Sunday, February 20, 2005
Finally. Its my bloggies 1st Happy Birthday. On this day I thank everyone(not a whole lot though) for wasting your time on my blog and posting comments. I hope you have more time to waste and burn on my blog in the coming year. I have formulated some strategies and theories this year to get more web hits and comments. Kicking of the festivities here's something for you on my bloggies B'day that would make you go "awww cho chweet" and also get my strategies rolling.

Its my 'appy budday!!

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Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome!!

                                                                                                                                   Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I have a theory that every guy/gal ends up with a wrong partner who is not meant to be. But the biggest trick the partners have ever pulled or keep pulling is not make their partners realise this truth.

by Your's Truley. Time for some coffee.:)

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Immortality and all that "goop"

                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Celebrate as many Valentine days as you want, rip of your heart and give it your sweetheart as a gift,bcoz you won't be needing it anymore. But make sure you are not dead in the next 20 years.

No..I haven't flipped..ofcourse a lonely Valentine day has its effect, but not this crazy. But "achieve immortality in 20 years" says Ray Kurzweil , a famed inventor and computer scientist and a winner of number of awards including Lemelson-MIT prize(it’s a Academy Award for inventors), a inductee of "Inventors Hall of Fame" and also dubbed as "modern Eddison". The MIT graduate's most famous inventions is the first reading machine for the blind that could read any typeface.

A seismic development he predicts in his new book ("Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.")is no more than 20 years away that makes humanity achieve immortality. Kurzweil writes of millions of blood cell-sized robots, which he calls "nanobots," that will keep us forever young by swarming through the body, repairing bones, muscles, arteries and brain cells. Improvements to our genetic coding will be downloaded via the Internet. We won't even need a heart.

This 56 year old inventor is serious about his diet(grenne tea , alkaline water) and hasn't got sick in last 7 years and plans to be fit when this happens.He sees human intelligence not only conquering its biological limits, including death, but completely mastering the natural world.

Critics say Kurzweil's predictions of immortality are wild fantasies based on unjustifiable leaps from current technology.

His predictions are based on carefully constructed scientific models that have proven accurate. For instance, in his 1990 book, "The Age of Intelligent Machines," Kurzweil predicted the development of a worldwide computer network(Internet) and of a computer that could beat a chess champion.

His 3 bridges to immortality are
Bridge-1: A health regimen to keep yourself fit
Bridge-2: A biotechnological revolution
Bridge-3: Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence revolution, which Kurzweil predicts will deliver the nanobots that work like repaving crews in our bloodstreams and brains. These intelligent machines will destroy disease, rebuild organs and obliterate known limits on human intelligence.

But how does the limited resourseful world sustain immortality?

Kurzweil says he believes new technology will emerge to meet increasing human needs

You mean lonely V days for ever..nooooooo. Hey when is the doom's day. Oh yeah, its no use.*sigh*

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"His" ways

                                                                                                                                   Friday, February 11, 2005
I usually do not go all mushy or senti in my posts, but thought the below saying which I got from one of my friends(Thanks Fancy!)would give my blog all "masala" look and more web hits.
So here goes

"When God takes something away from your grasp,He's not punishing you but merely emptying your hand for you to receive something better"

He has been emptying my hand for a long time now. Someone remind Him please. Probably having transportation problems:)

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"Black"...A Bright,Colorful Tale

                                                                                                                                   Saturday, February 05, 2005
Update: Check out the comments of some of the stars of bollywood at the premier of "Black".

A story well told. A movie well made. The characters well played. That should explain it all. Watching this movie, I felt like "watching" a novel but in snipets. Think about a nice novel you read and a subsequent movie made based on it and it exactly portrays how you imagined, the setup ,the characters , the decor. Don't you feel thrilled! Except there is no novel here for the movie to be based on. This movie is all about the director's imagination and passion. I understand a story line like this cannot be captured in such a short time. This movie would have made an excellent novel to read and works as a nice advertisement for it. It left me wanting more. Now I have this sudden urge to read novels:).

Black is a movie about a blind and deaf girl's journey to womanhood as she tries hard to overcome her physical limitations and fulfill her dream about making herself independent with the help of a special teacher. Hopefully I have summed it up right, if not, go on..judge me. I was anyway bad with summation theories in school.

Okie I digress. Contrary to the title, the movie is positive, full of energy ,elevating and for a story plot which has all the elements of sensitiveness and despondence, it turns out to be quite fast paced and gripping keeping the audience attention. Some how I felt Sanjay Leela Bansali's(Khamoshi, H2DS, Devdas) would have really loved some extra movie time to picturize all the emotions he has conjured up his mind. But he has done a commendable job in capturing the essence of his imagination in little more than 2 hours. Every filmmaker has his own pet project( read close to heart) up his mind that he always wishes to make one day. I feel this movie is one of those as evident from the fact he is both the director and producer of this movie.

The young Rani Mukherjee , portrayed by a Ayesha Kapur , is the star of the movie in my opinion. For a 10-year old with no acting background, she is just brillaint, so natural and puts generations of so called bollywood actors/actresses to shame with her sublime performance(which provides an excellent evidence to my earlier post, you thought you could avoid not reading it! *a villianish smirk*). AB and Rani gives the performances of their careers till date. This is a movie where the performances of the lead actors, the cinematography (by Ravi Chandran) , and ofcourse SLB's direction (in my top 5 list already) will be remembered for a longtime.

If I were to make any changes, I would have preferred a much slower pace and more time on her experiences coping and learning her disability as well as AB's medical condition.Guess I propably would have ended up turning it into an art movie spurning away the audience. But as I said this would make the movie so much longer and darker the whole concept of entertaining the main-stream audience is weakened.

This is a movie which will give your routine hindi movie expectations a shot in the arm. Is this the new face of bollywood!!

Propably not judging from the trailer of the upcoming Akshay Kumar-Kareena starrer "Bewafaa" that was played during the interval. Its a death trap.

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