The 2 Cent King

"Super" Men!

                                                                                                                                   Thursday, August 18, 2005
I flew last weekend with my brother and my 2 year old nephew to meet my parents who are visiting US of A. This brother is not the same NGB that I have had the privilege to blog about in my earlier posts. Yes! I have one more brother and No! we are not in the order of Panch Pandav's, if any we are more like Tridev's....much machoness in the family. Normally this is not a topic to blog about (flying with your brother is not such a big deal after all) unless you are travelling with a fellow who has, along with similar gene, similar psychoneurotic disorders as mentioned in the "moi" section of this blog.(thankfully he doesn't know I blog). The symptoms include what I call "Spot/Selective Amnesia"(SA) and impatience and all the consequences that result from SA and impatience.

Travelling with a company like that anything can happen. If we are driving to airport in different cars , we might end up at two different airports waiting and cursing each other or if we are travelling in the same car we might end up in a wrong airport.But thanks to Moi's diligent effort and my mobile's 38 reminders to print the itinerary, 44 reminders to pick up the print outs from the printer, 18 reminders to stow it in carry on bag, we ended up at the right airport. Thanks to my SIL, she made sure that my brother took the right nephew he was supposed to and the matching suitcase.

You realize we are on our own NOW at the airport with no help from my Mobile reminders or SIL. My mobile won't take any more reminders as I have used up all the place available with all the reminders earlier, so much for technology helping mankind and all that crap. sheesh!!. My brother not only has to take care of himself and now his son to handle who is going through worst case of "terrible 2's".

By the time we reached the terminal gate, we had already forgot our boarding passes thrice (at the ticket counter, at the security checkin and so on) , our carry on bag's twice and the nephew once. Now this is quite an achievement for us that we are at the gate. So on any given "Bad" day, by the time my parents get to meet us at the destination airport any of the following could have happened.

1) My parents would be waving hands at me, with my nephew and a total random guy which I mistook for my brother and tagged along.

2) My parents would be waving hands at my brother, my nephew and a random guy who my brother thought resembled me and walked along.

3) My parents would be waving hands at me and my brother and a random 2 year old who both of us thought resembled my nephew (you could also see terrified parents rushing towards us along with a Cop )

4) My parents would be waving hands at my nephew with 2 random guys who he thought were his dad and uncle.(atta boy..he didn't disappoint us ....strong genes I say !!)

But luckily nothing of that sort happened and we reached safe and sound. Miracles do happen. My SIL had a big sigh of relief on the phone with my bro that I could even hear. Every one went home laughing and with huge celebrations but both of us knew (should I say three of us ) in the back of our minds that in three days time we have to do the same drama again. I tell you its a very sinking and sickening thought.

And do you want to know how the return trip went. The very fact that I am here writing this post sitting along with a random guy who resembles my bro and my 2 year old nephew at an airport which is 400 miles in the other direction of my destination city should explain it all.

Did I say much machoness runs in my family!!

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I usually do not like to use mail forwards as topic of my blog, but this one sure is an exception. Moreover my readers seem to prefer pictures than my writing which works fine for moi, who is not finding time to write any. I got this with a title " Raksha Bhandan". I guess you can now understand why Raksha Bhandan is easily every single guy's worst nightmare.

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Old Wine - New Bottle!

                                                                                                                                   Friday, August 05, 2005
The older the wine the better it gets. Well, I have done it. New design, new links, fresh beginnings but same old me. I still have lot of work to do on this template (have display problems in IE, nothing new!) but I was so bored with my old design that I had to get the beta-version on board. I hope you would be more inspired to make this a merrier place by your reads and comments which always has been the saving grace of this blog. I have been quite busy at work off late, but that didn't stop me from putting into action my creative multi-tasking skills I have been blessed with "lately". This was quite evident from the recent compliment I received on my God-given skill on how I can talk and annoy people at the same time. Aww! God bless their warm souls.

I need to thank my fellow blogger aka the template genius Megha who helped a great deal on my previous template design as some snippets of the code in the present one was taken from it(like the Red font and the font family).

Sticking to the successful tactics of luring you with cute pictures of puppies for comments and blog hits, I am using this picture of the pond which is a stone's throw away from my apartment.

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